About Us

About Us

Top-Tier Service

Teknik Controls was founded with a desire to provide top-tier service focused on automation technology. Our experts have strong mechanical backgrounds which make for well-rounded expertise. From initial system design to installation and operation, our experts use their knowledge and professionalism to confidently complete projects.

Our headquarters is near Darwin, MN, allowing us to easily serve central MN. When the need arises, we also are able to travel long distances. (Tesla factory in San Jose, CA; Nor-son Construction project in Thief River Falls, MN)

Past Projects

Some of our past & current projects

Saw Storage Rack Park Industries, Waite Park, MN

Material handling system for a metal cutting saw.

Dassel Elementary, Dassel, MN

Control for new steam boiler plant.

Eagle Brook Church, Minneapolis, MN

New BAS for AHU’s, FCU’s, district chilled & steam.

Nor-Son Corporate, Eden Prairie, MN

New BAS for new building, RTU, VAV’s, Boiler plant.

Northway Academy, Mankato, MN

New BAS for new day-care building, RTU’s, VAV’s, Boiler plant.

Le Sueur County HHS, Le Center, MN

New BAS for remodeled building, RTU, VAV’s, Boiler plant’s, Snow-melt.

Tesla, San Jose, CA

Sonic wash tub automation.

Le Sueur County Government Center, Le Center, MN

New BAS for remodeled building, RTU, AHU, Heat Pumps, Chiller tower, boiler plant, snow-melt

Loram Maintance of Way, Medina, MN

Upgraded BAS front-end for existing building & equipment.

Sunny Ville Apartments, St Cloud, MN

DDC controls for DOAS’s & AHU’s.

Albany Early Learning Center, Albany, MN

New BAS for remodeled building, RTU’s, Boiler Plant, Chiller, Chilled Beams, VAV’s.