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Reduce Costs

Implementing building automation systems can significantly reduce operational costs by optimizing energy usage, streamlining maintenance processes, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Streamline Tasks

Building automation systems streamline tasks by centralizing control over various building functions, such as lighting, HVAC, and security, resulting in increased productivity and simplified management for facility personnel.


Building automation saves money by automatically regulating energy consumption, identifying inefficiencies, and minimizing maintenance expenses, leading to substantial cost reductions for building owners and operators.


Building automation showcases innovation through its cutting-edge technologies that intelligently integrate and automate building systems, paving the way for smarter, more efficient, and sustainable structures. This helps businesses stand out in the 21st century.


BAS For New Construction

Survey, Recommendation, & Implementation

Programmable controllers give working and living spaces the ability to be comfortable when needed and conserve energy when the space is unoccupied. Multiple pieces of HVAC equipment are integrated to minimize energy waste. Our brand offerings included: JCI Facility Explorer, EASYIO, Tridium VYKON, & Niagara N4. You can work closely with our team to get the precise fit system for your needs. All of our installations are backed with a 3-year no-charge system maintenance agreement.

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Survey, Recommendation, & Implementation

Is your comfort not what it used to be? Maybe it's time for recommissioning or HVAC service. RECOMMISSIONING involves inspecting each piece of equipment and verifying function and performance. You can expect improvements to comfort and energy consumption. Possible SOLUTIONS include: controls technology upgrades, equipment replacement, or general service/cleaning.

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