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Teknik Controls is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Converting repetitive, time-consuming tasks that drain your resources and hinder productivity into smooth automated solutions while maximizing energy savings through the use of environmental control systems.

Building Automation

Maximize your building's efficiency by gaining full control through one interface.

Industrial Automation

Integrate and automate your facility for improved productivity and quality.


Roof Top Unit, Air Handler, VAVs, Chillers, Chilled Beams, Boiler, Water Heater, Control Valves, Sensors

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Our automation solutions are designed to streamline your workflow, maximize efficiency, and propel your company to new heights of success. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can bid farewell to manual labor, monotonous processes, and human error. Imagine a future where your workforce can focus on creativity, innovation, and strategic decision-making, while our automation takes care of the rest.



In The Automation Industry

Our cutting-edge technology, companies across various sectors embraced the power of automation, and the results have been truly remarkable.

We Provide Solutions that Make An Impact

Energy Consumption Minimization

Intelligence Dashboard

Process Streamlining

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Destini Doring
Destini Doring
We have hired their services many times. They are efficient, easy to work with, and get the job done.
Phil Gray
Phil Gray
Teknik Controls has been a pleasure to work! They are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. Every time I have called on them, they have delivered!
Jim Mc Millen
Jim Mc Millen
Teknik Controls has been a great company to have on site working with our HVAC. They do everything as if were there own building and seem to watch it operate daily. Dan in the beginning is tweaking thing until they are just right.

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